The non-profit cultural association Kaledo, inspired by the appeal of Raoul Follereau “…a third of humanity dies to eat too much while two thirds die to eat too little…”, is committed to counter the causes that generate this gap and to pursue this goal:


scientific research projects that aim to combat the causes of malnutrition


innovative tools capable of modifying the lifestyle that generates malnutrition


the dissemination of correct knowledge about nutrition and nutrition, particularly in schools


to break down the causes of poverty by supporting micro-projects for the self-development of peoples


a relationship with public institutions to remove health and cultural imbalances between rich and poor


with organizations and associations that operate in the same field and that pursue the same goals

Our interests


Campania has the largest number of obese children in Italy; even in childhood we start talking about diseases that previously only concerned adults: diabetes, heart disease, hypercholesterolemia and atherosclerosis.


The snacks are rich in fats and sugars; the cola drinks have no vitamins and mineral salts, are very rich in sugars and contain dyes and additives that are dangerous to health; the chips in envelopes are even more damaging to health because the oils used for frying are of poor quality and, during frying, release substances called free radicals , responsible for of cardiovascular problems


The transition to a simpler and healthier diet creates an advantage for our health and saves us a lot of money; for example, if we replace the chips in a bag with French fries at home, we save 50%, if we replace the cola-type carbonated drinks with homemade presses we save 30%. This saving, without changing the economic balance of the family, can be destined to solidarity