Kaledo the health bingo

Game intended for the family, played like the classic Neapolitan tombola. You win by making AMBO, TERNO, QUATERNA, CINQUINA and TOMBOLA.

Kaledo the health bingo is an exciting and innovative game because it introduces the classic diet, made only of combinations of numbers, the Mediterranean diet, becoming an instrument of nutritional knowledge and lifestyle.

The player can acquire the skills necessary to lead a healthy life and prevent diseases related to poor diet and sedentary lifestyle; can learn complex concepts such as the Energy Balance and the aspects of the daily diet, dealing with the diets and the activities placed on each folder, evaluating, with the help of the characters, excesses and daily caloric defects finding over time the diet most congenial to its weight and health.

The 90 box numbers were combined with activities and diet.

The ACTIVITY boxes (lifestyle) report activity, name, time and calories consumed (kcal-):
1 ÷ 9 daily activities
10 ÷ 19 sports activities

The FOOD boxes (daily dishes) show the image of the dish or drink, name, grams and calories introduced (kcal +):
20 ÷ 29 breakfast foods
30÷39 first dishes
40÷49 second dishes
50÷69 side dishes, desserts and fruit
70÷90 drinks and extras

The 8 CHARACTERS, placed on the folders, represent the conditions of Obese, Overweight, Normopeso and Underweight and their lifestyle: sedentary, dynamic and sporting. Matching the Characters with the Activities and the Diet of the day, which may be low-calorie, isocaloric or high calorie, we will have as a final result the Daily Energy Balance.

The SMILE indicates if the goal of the day was centered, missed or wrong both for excess and for caloric defect.