Projects in Italy


The CENTRO KALEDO are places where the child learns the art of "HEALTH" through:
• Prevention and treatment of childhood obesity through the Kaledo game
• Weight and height controls over time
• Energy balance and economic balance
• Preparation of dishes with seasonal food and at km0
• Changing lifestyles with increased physical activity (Pedibus)


In the EST area of Naples live the contradictions of our time: in the VI Municipality we find the highest rate of scholastic evasion, low income, at least one parent in jail, single parent families and many while at 3 km away, there are at least 4 institutions of research such as CNR, ENEA, the Zooprophylactic Institute, Federico II University, Italian excellence in research.

This different possibility of future at birth, in the same generation of children living in the same area, has not left indifferent our Association that for over 10 years fights and supports childhood in difficulty.

With the MICROCREDIT method, invented by the Nobel Peace Prize-winning economist YUNUS, we would like to build a multi-purpose center for vulnerable groups, especially for children.

The idea is that of a systematic collection of 1 EURO / WEEK for 5 years, using the economic balance that is eliminating unhealthy foods (junk food and sugary drinks), we help our health and save money, without aggravating the family budget. This collection will serve to give these children the chance to build a better future.