EDUCATIONAL POVERTY is a SOCIAL-ECONOMIC condition that deprives the subjects affected of the possibility of learning, experimenting, developing and freely allowing skills, talents and aspirations to flourish.

The Save the Children Report on 9 May 2016 shows that in the regions of southern Italy and among children aged 6-17:
• Only 14% of children between 0 and 2 can go to the nursery
• 68% of primary school classes do not offer full time
• 48% of children aged 6 to 17 have not even read a book
• 69% did not visit an archaeological site
• 55% did not visit a museum
• 45% did not carry out any sporting activity
64% of minors do not access a series of recreational, sporting, educational and cultural activities, with extreme peaks in Campania (84%)

In this context, childhood obesity becomes the symbol of a lacking family education and culture. Researchers dealing with childhood obesity have correlated this disease with the degree of family education. But it is not enough to blame the family. Media with misleading advertising, school and various offices with vending machines contribute to maintaining and increasing this subtle pathology.

You have to pay close attention to television advertising campaigns for food, which greatly affect children!!! Parents are responsible for the final purchase decision on food products.

The example helps: the child cannot eat vegetables if the parents eat french fries !!! The Association offers families innovative tools (Kaledo Games) which, in addition to the playful aspect, improve our health by offering virtuous paths of support to projects solidarity .

Path 1: healthy and sustainable diet starting from the Mediterranean Diet.

In 2010 the Mediterranean Diet is declared Intangible Heritage of Humanity by UNESCO. But if in Italy, and particularly in Campania, where the Mediterranean Diet was born, there are extreme pockets of childhood obesity (over 50% prevalence) and educational poverty there must be a reason: the Mediterranean diet at the center of the Mediterranean does not is followed.

The strong expansion of industrial and domestic mechanization in the last century has caused two effects: on one hand the increase in CO2 (pollution) and on the other the reduction of physical activity (obesity).

Obesity has doubled in the last 30 years; its increase is mainly due to 2 factors:
A) Reduction of energy consumption: we are increasingly sedentary.
B) Increased consumption of foods with high caloric density: we consume more and more junk food and junk food.

The table shows only a few simple examples so that each of us can contribute to reversing the trend of an imminent catastrophe.

Path 2: Clean energy to support the Planet. Reduce the use of cars and polluting vehicles for adults, while for children go to school on foot (Pedibus) .

The strong climate changes are clear: "the Earth is collapsing" and if someone thinks they are exempt from the change, because it does not concern them, they are right! The catastrophe concerns his children. Today's children, tomorrow's adults. And if someone thinks that other planets can accommodate him, he must at least have time to find the money to pay for the ticket!

The abandonment of the Mediterranean Diet finds its reasons in our lifestyle and in our diet that in the last 20 years has undergone epochal changes, mainly due to "globalization" (see the manipulations of the food industry).

We must regain possession of the "Mediterranean diet": a non-pre-packaged diet made up of simple and at the same time genuine and healthy foods. This step can take place without changing our lifestyle habits.

The example shown in the table allows us to improve our nutrition but above all allows us to save economically. The economic revenue (gain), without changing the family budget, can be used for solidarity projects.